How Mobile Coffee Franchises Are Fighting Disease

Good news coffee fans! Yet again our very favourite drink has been proven to be good for us.

In a recent study carried out by Harvard University, which took into account research from more than 17 studies and over 100000 people over 20 years, it was found that the more coffee was drunk the lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. It means that mobile coffee franchises are not only providing a Monday morning lifesaver, but they are also helping in the ongoing battle against disease. Interesting.

There’s been quite a few studies over the years which have looked into the effect of coffee on health. While mobile coffee franchises operate more in order to bring coffee into the work place and make a caffeine fix more easily obtainable for the office worker who isn’t near the high street, it’s good to hear that the work is providing other less expected benefits as well.

The coffee market in the UK is growing all the time, while the tea market is decreasing more and more every year. You’ll find mobile coffee franchises and coffee shops popping up all over the place, and soon there will be so many units that it won’t be a case of nipping to any old cafĂ©, you’ll pick your favourite and the one which serves the best drinks. The poor quality shops simply won’t survive.

So which other diseases can coffee help concur?

Coffee provides more antioxidants than anything else we consume regularly, and these help your immune system in general.

On top of this, the drinks supplied by mobile coffee franchises have been shown to help lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The caffeine in the drinks helped to give those with symptoms more control over their actions.

Additionally, if you’re a drinker, one cup of coffee a day can help lessen your chances of developing cirrhosis.

Other coffee benefits:

– Lowers the chances of skin cancer in women
– Coffee can make you happier, and has also been linked with a lower suicide risk in scientific studies
– Helps with athletics, which in turn improves your health in general
– Improves brain health and reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease

On top of that, coffee can actually help make you more intelligent. Many of us grab a cup of a morning to help us to feel more awake. Well, not only does the caffeine wake us up a touch, it can actually make you more efficient, and work more intelligently than you would have otherwise.

Mobile coffee franchises are a great way of getting your caffeine fix, and it seems they’re also a bit of dietary must. Everything in moderation is the best way of planning your personal nutrition, however, it seems an extra cup a day of everyone’s favourite hot drink is going to do a lot more good than it is harm.